Best Basketball Players

The following are my lists of the best basketball players across positions and eras.

-List 1-

Top 10 Best Players Currently*

  1. LeBron James, MIA, F
  2. Kobe Bryant, LAL, G
  3. Dwyane Wade, MIA, G
  4. Kevin Durant, OKC, F
  5. Derrick Rose, CHI, G
  6. Dwight Howard, ORL, C
  7. Chris Paul, NOH, G
  8. Carmelo Anthony, NYK, F
  9. Deron Williams, NJN, G
  10. Chris Bosh, MIA, F

-List 2-

Top 10 Guards Currently

  1. Kobe Bryant, LAL, G
  2. Dwyane Wade, MIA, G
  3. Derrick Rose, CHI, G
  4. Chris Paul, NOH, G
  5. Deron Williams, NJN, G
  6. Russel Westbrook, OKC, G
  7. Rajon Rondo, BOS, G
  8. John Wall, WAS, G
  9. Steve Nash, PHX, G
  10. Brandon Roy, POR, G

-List 3-

Top 10 Forwards Currently

  1. LeBron James, MIA, F
  2. Kevin Durant, OKC, F
  3. Carmelo Anthony, NYK, F
  4. Chris Bosh, MIA, F
  5. Dirk Nowitzki, DAL, F
  6. Amare Stoudemire, NYK, F
  7. Tim Duncan, SAN, F
  8. Blake Griffin, LAC, F
  9. Kevin Love, MIN, F
  10. Carlos Boozer, CHI, F

-List 4-

Top 5 Centers Currently

  1. Dwight Howard, ORL, C
  2. Kendrick Perkins, OKC, C
  3. Andrew Bynum, LAL, C
  4. Brook Lopez, NJN, C
  5. Joakim Noah, CHI, C

-List 5-

Top 5 Newbies**

  1. Blake Griffin, LAC, F
  2. John Wall, WAS, G
  3. Kevin Love, MIN, F
  4. Brandon Jennings, MIL, G
  5. Tyreke Evans, SAC, G

-List 6-

Top 10 Players All-Time***

  1. Magic Johnson, LAL, G
  2. Kareem Abdul-Jabar,MIL-LAL, C
  3. Michael Jordan, CHI, G
  4. Wilt Chamberlain, SF-PHI-LAL, C
  5. Oscar Robertson, CIN-MIL, G
  6. Larry Bird, BOS, F
  7. John Stockton, UTA, G
  8. Karl Malone, UTA-LAL, F
  9. Bill Russel, BOS, C
  10. Jerry West, LAL, G

-List 7-

Top 5 Guards All-Time***

  1. Magic Johnson, LAL, G
  2. Michael Jordan, CHI, G
  3. Oscar Robertson, CIN-MIL, G
  4. John Stockton, UTA, G
  5. Jerry West, LAL, G

-List 8-

Top 5 Forwards All-Time***

  1. Larry Bird, BOS, F
  2. Karl Malone, UTA, F
  3. James Worthy, LAL, F
  4. Dominique Wilkins ATL, F
  5. Julius Erving, PHI, F

-List 9-

Top 5 Centers All-Time***

  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabar, MIL-LAL, C
  2. Wilt Chamberlain, SF-PHI-LAL, C
  3. Bill Russel, BOS, C
  4. Hakeem Olajuwon, HOU-TOR, C
  5. David Roberson, SAN, C

Picks I’d like to defend:

  • LeBron over Kobe – LeBron is the best player in the NBA for the simple reason that he can play any position and is unselfish. I’m not saying Kobe is always selfish but he is selfish often. Yes he makes great shots but he misses a lot too. Remember rings doesn’t mean that person is a better player, it means they’ve been on better teams. Bill Russel and Robert Horry are 1st and 2nd in NBA titles, no one would say they are the best and second best players of All-Time.
  • Magic Johnson – Yes I have him as my best all time. I think he cemented that in the 1980 NBA Finals where as a rookie he won an NBA finals playing virtually every position.
  • MJ, Wilt, Russel – These three are all the most dominant of their respective eras, but transplanted into another era I’m not sure how well they would fare. Players, not dominators.
  • James Worthy – He often doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. He was the 3rd best player on his team but he was a star and a 1st overall pick. He’s a sensational player and might be the most underrated of All-Time.

*I’m saying players, not dominators. This list is who I think is the best All-Around player.

**Newbie means players with 2 years or less NBA experience.

***Does not include current players. Again best players not dominators.


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