Bulls beat Pacers (4-1): A Series in Review

The Chicago Bulls, the team with the best record in the NBA, barely beat the Indiana Pacers, a 8 games under .500.  This series shows why the regular season is designed for players and the play offs is designed for teams.

Derrick Rose the single most dominant player in the NBA this year which is why they pulled out the best record. However, when you look past Rose and Boozer there isn’t much depth on their roster.

Joakim Noah would be considered the third best player on the Bulls and Noah is a scrapper and not a superstar. He gets all his points off of offensive rebounds. Noah is not a reliable threat on the court.

Then there is Taj Gibson, Kyle Korver, Luol Deng who are again solid role players. However, if you move past them who’s their seventh best player? Keith Bogans? He’s their starting shooting guard. How does Bogans match up against the star shooting guards in the East? It seems like they’re going to play the Hawks in the second round. There is no way Keith Bogans can match up with Joe Johnson. Will the Bulls move Rose over to guard Johnson and have Rose use up energy guarding a bigger, more athletic player. Even if they do move Rose over will Bogans be able to handle Kirk Hinrich and Jamaal Crawford at point guard? The Bulls were lucky enough to face a team who’s best shooting guard is Dahntay Jones.

The Bulls better be apprehensive because they might be facing Joe Johnson, Dwyane Wade, or even Kobe Bryant later on in the play offs. They better be aware of their weaknesses and not get cocky after this lackluster 5 game series win.


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