NFL Draft 2nd and 3rd Rounds Key Picks

At pick 35, the Cincinnati Bengals picked Andy Dalton. This may signal a new regime in Cincinnati. Although Carson Palmer backed out of his retiring threat with the drafting of A.J. Green it seems like the Bengals are picking up an insurance policy against him threatening this again.

At pick 36, the San Francisco 49ers picked Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick is a solid quarterback and might fill that huge need the 49ers have. However, he may not be a franchise quarterback for a franchise accustom to Joe Montana and Steve Young.

At pick 51, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers picked Daquan Bowers. No I did not do a typo and he was drafted 41 or 31, he was drafted 51. In early Mock Drafts he was slotted as a number 1 overall pick and he dropped due to knee problems. This seems like a huge steal.

At pick 74, the New England Patriots picked Ryan Mallet. Mallet is a player with a gun for an arm and great general quarterbacking abilities. He has dropped because of behavioral concerns but if he learns under Tom Brady for a few years this could be a Steve Young/Joe Montana switch for the Patriots.


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