Scandal U: Ohio State

Scandal U Post 1 Ohio State

Jim Tressel is now being accused of lying to keep players on the field which would be a major violation.

Ohio State’s struggle with scandal has been well documented. Terrell Pryor and 4 other players were caught selling memorabilia, which is against the NCAA’s tyrannical rules.

Coach Jim Tressel was handed a 2 game suspension for not telling the NCAA when he knew about the violations. Coach Tressel voluntarily expanded it to 5 games saying that he should get the same suspension as his players.

The problem with the suspension is how does it really affect the Buckeye season. The first 5 games on their schedule are Akron, Toledo, at Miami, Colorado, and at Michigan State. Excluding Michigan State, who Ohio State seems to beat regularly, the teams’ combined record is 21-29 with an out of conference record of 6-12. The only foreseeable lose in this 5 game stint, even without Pryor and the 4 other players, is at Miami, and that might even be a win.

The suspension seems to be worthless when the suspension might not cause any loses, if anything it will cause a maturity of back up players.

The only way “The Great Buckeye Memorabilia Sale” can actually have a significant affect on the Buckeyes is if this new allegation the NCAA is accusing of Tressel causes a bigger suspension and affects recruiting. However, as of right now, 5 games may seem big but its merely a smack on the wrist.