What happened to Tiger Woods?

The landscape of golf has been changed forever from what we grew accustom to from 2005 to 2010.

Tiger Woods has become notorious for his loose concept of “‘Til death do us part” but at no point did anyone think that he was not a great golfer.

He was so dominant that he didn’t play for around a year and retained his #1 World Ranking. He was #1 for 281 straight weeks. The second longest streak is also owned by Tiger with 264 straight weeks. No one else has broken into triple digits for straight weeks as World #1 EVER! The closest person to Woods in total weeks at #1 is retired and 292 weeks behind him (5.62 years).

Hearing Luke Donald could take the #1 Ranking seemed like blasphemy. How has the golf God have fallen from grace?

Now Tiger is rated #6 in the World Rankings! WHAT?! It seems that the #1 golf ranking is now unobtainable for Tiger.

It’s safe to say that no one supports what he did off the course but it is also safe to say that before that he was by far the most popular golfer in the world. There are probably still many fans who support him on the course but without a win since 2009, it has come to wonder what has happened to this invincible man. This story goes to show you that you can not escape your demons.