Lakers vs. Mavericks Western Conference Semi-Final Preview

Here are my predictions for the Lakers-Mavericks series that starts May 2nd.

Game 1 Mavericks 98 @ Lakers 108

Game 2 Mavericks 87 @ Lakers 104

Game 3 Lakers 111 @ Mavericks 103

Game 4 Lakers 93 @ Mavericks 95

Game 5 Mavericks 85 @ Lakers 101

Lakers win series 4-1

The Mavericks win Game 4 after the Lakers come out uninspired and manage to hold on to avoid the sweep. However, this only inspires the Lakers to dominate Game 5.


Lakers beat Hornets (4-2): A Series in Review

The Lakers played traditional Laker basketball keeping the 6 Game series win stressful, yet pulling it out decisively.

The Lakers struggled through their series as they always do dropping not only Game 1 but the jaws of everyone watching.

The Lakers proved why they have the most well balanced team in the NBA. In the 4 wins they had at least 4 players in double digits.

Kobe had true Kobe form in this series. Among the starters he was the leading scorer, however, he was 4th in APG, the only player with less was Andrew Bynum. As for rebounds, he was also 4th amongst starters, the only player having less rebounds was Derek Fisher.

In the New Orleans wins, Chris Paul avergaed 30 PPG, 10 RPG, 14.5 APG, 3 SPG, and a +/- of +8. He showed why he is still one of the most dominant point guards in the game.

The Lakers look like they are on a collision course for the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals. For the Lakers to win they need to be lightning and show up before the Thunder. They can’t afford to lose a home game against a Thunder team who last year gave them a run for their money and are now greatly improved with the addition of Kendrick Perkins.